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Our Guide To Add Romance To Your Coffee Ritual.

I don't know about you, but Valentine's day was never my thing! but Coffee, Is always my thing.

So, Here's our quick guide on how to add Romance to your morning ritual.

Coffee in Bed.

Why make your special person go down to the kitchen? Set the timer and let the smell of fresh BossblendCoffee wake them up. Prepare a quick toast or croissant with there favorite mug. done! coffee in bed.

Speak Coffee to me.

Tell them how much they mean to you in a cute way! While sipping your Coffee tell each how much they've BEAN on your mind. get creative with the coffee lingo. how about "I love you a LATTE"

Just show you care.

Valentine's day is coined the day of love. We should show our person we care for them daily. love should be intentional and unconditional. let's take this season of love and make it count.

In the comment section below share how you'll add romance in your coffee ritual?


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